November 16 what you don't try so hard Sidst udgivet den 16-11-2015

Like a person, always looking forward to the other side of the greetings and into a deep yearning, the other is the long-awaited landscape of your life, affect your mind, pull the your heart. Time in a hurry, and willing to waiting for you on the other side of the nearby, tireless follow, you walked past him carefully, only to throb and feelings of a moment, like a person is happy, also is lonely.
Sometimes our worries, even unable to tell ourselves, just hope can always accompany beside of the person you like, only to find that a lot of things we can not make decision, can only silently looking at yourself far away their favorite people. Do a lot of people said, like you could go to the ah, you don't go to work and who can help you? Actually otherwise, love, this is consensual, the most beautiful. If must have to know perfectly well for it, is a kind of useless struggles. Actually likes a person feel this is a good thing, if it is bitter, but also for their own a little greed, actually love doesn't have to have, like a flower, like can give it watering, or fertilizer, do not take off, in the life sometimes end must have,  the scenery is only suitable for viewing, not suitable for picking, much appreciation is a kind of beauty.
Unrequited love is a kind of concern, is also a kind of beauty, and keep a little sad, also like a clear brook, flowing quietly; A bit of happiness, such as gorgeous fireworks, drunk atrial; A little miss, also like the cold hands, spread the fingertips. Unrequited love a person, is exclusive to the world, that kind of feeling only oneself know, unavoidably have regrets in life, but do the choice, don't regret, the most beautiful, has a secret, never speak in the heart of infinite roaming, silent, flow, the fragrance...

November 11 write down I of feminine affection Sidst udgivet den 11-11-2015

Stretch out my hand as long as the moment, it takes a lifetime to forget in hand. I would like to use a good love, with you in this life are not isolated. Spoony world of mortals for you, one person infatuation puzzling over for you. This, you know? The heart, you can be in Ming dynasty? This so long, the spread of the heart, only hope can meet you look, only hope you have a day also understand!
Meet, this life will no longer ask who I drunk to morning, fall in love, this life no longer sigh a mountain stream without understanding friend, this life, this life no longer blame former love. And because the meet all remained silent, you know I also understand.
Alternation of day and night, miss Ruth, I leisurely, into my heart, call I how also to retain the obsession? Touch your time, and some read, if the dust; Some dreams, faint, the temperature of the fingertips, slip the static good years, either shear lovesickness, enchanting the hearts of both eyebrow bend. Spread a long time, dance a Que ink extremely, by window in bar, open a one thousand books, across the moonlight, for you and made into a thin proverb.
Perhaps, life on earth, all to dust, friends are scattered, some fate, just like a dream, a moment become smoke past fading away. Even so, I would also like to sit in the thick, or her, click cinnabar.
Lead time low, China gradually washed, dazed and confused. Crow feathers, whirling about birds. Day end of blue and white, cyan splash-ink who book I left you? Who write your lovesickness dripping wet? Who of acacia, who is the moon? Such a good time, what can not?
All said the meeting is doomed to human beings; In one corner,